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Introducing :

I have two main target markets:

1)  New Home or New Tech Purchasers

You've just moved in, you're not even finished unpacking the boxes and already have a spaghetti pile of tangled cables.

   Which goes where?

   What settings do I use to get email?

   What's this extra box for?

If you are switching email/cable carriers, do you know how to connect your modem, your router, your PC and set up email?

Given enough time and the manuals (which box are the manuals in?) you could probably muddle through, eventually, but why bother. You need to settle the kids, change your mail address, deal with town hall and the movers.

Let Al Help

Home Networking (Mac-OS or Windows or combination):

•PC setup and ergonomics (PC, monitor, keyboard, printer, mouse, scanner)

•power and cable management (spike protection, UPS, cable routing and de-spaghettification)

•connect your router to your provider (DNS settings, registering, etc.)

•set up your home network (local IP network, home wired and wireless network with security)

•secure your network (add devices securely so that no one piggy backs on your connection)

•web browser and email settings (pop3, SMTP, rules, accounts, etc.)

•set up file sharing and printer sharing between computers

2)  Continuing PC/Mac users

After the move, you may have more questions:

   Why is my PC running slow?

   What do all those warnings and messages mean?

   I've just got a new camera or video camera. How do I use it?

   How do I install and use my new software?

Let Al Help

General PC help

•virus protection (you purchase) and spyware installation, configuration and scanning

•email management

•photo management (digital camera, scanner hookup and configuration)

•file backup

•PC tuneup/speedup

•hardware upgrades (more memory, extra hard drives, video cards)

•software installation, configuration and training

•smart device (phone, PDA, thumb drive) connection, configuration and integration

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